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The simple answer is it depends on what kind of heat treatment you choose and the size of your home. An even better answer is that whole house heat treatment costs too much and leaves you with no lasting protection because heat today can’t kill a bed bug tomorrow. Whole house heat treatment causes bedbugs to relocate to areas where you do not want them. Bed bugs flee the heat so you will need protection tomorrow and the day after and the day after that! At Bed Bugs all Gone we use both steam, and dry heat in special circumstances, to kill bed bugs but in a manner that they can’t escape and spread to other areas. Bed Bugs all Gone uses heat for “sterilization” of certain areas down to a zero baseline, before we give those areas lasting protection with our non-toxic Cimi-Shield barrier. Our service will outlast the bed bugs which can survive 400 days in hiding without a meal.

How We Proceed

For bed frames we pump 275-degree steam into all the cracks and joints to instantly kill any bedbugs hiding there. For upholstered furniture with lots of padding (couches, reclining chairs, upholstered bed frames, etc.) we have a special, tightly closed heat tent where we bake those items at 140 degrees for 2-4 hours until the thermocouples, placed deep in the furniture, indicate internal temperatures of 125 degrees everywhere, which is sufficient to kill all the bedbugs.  The tent is closed tight so bedbugs can not escape the heat during this process.  In all cases we treat those items with a fully non-toxic spray for lasting results.  We give you a 15-month warranty while most companies that do whole house heat treatment usually warranty for just 4 to 30 days.

Bed Bugs and Heat

We often do extermination work for people who bought more expensive, whole house heat treatment to kill their bed bugs, but “their bugs came back.” That is because bed bugs can see in infrared which is the color of heat. As the heat is rising, they head for cooler areas such as another room, a neighboring apartment or condo-unit with adjoining walls. This is a real problem for multi-unit structures since no one wants the bed bugs to spread. But this is exactly what they do!

Even with a detached home the bed bugs can find places where the heat may not get to the required 125-degree lethal level. Here are some examples:

  • The bed bug gets into a wall and behind the insulation. Then there is just one inch of wood or stucco between it and the outside temperature. The insulation, in effect, protects the bed bugs.
  • The bug snugs up against a cold-water pipe.
  • It goes down into an unheated crawl space.
  • The bed bugs get down into a crack in a concrete slab foundation. The earth temperature below a slab is about 55 degrees year-round.
  • They get into a drafty attic on a moderate day.
  • The bug crawls into a drafty window encasement.

All it takes is for one breeding pair to survive or one pregnant female.  The female lays 2-3 eggs per day which could be up to 100 breeding pairs in just 3-4 months. Remember:  heat today can not kill a bug tomorrow.  The program at Bed Bugs all Gone will.

 Complete Remediation

 Our complete method kills bed bugs for years, every time they try to get a meal. We’ll make it so they can’t get a meal; instead they die.  Why use a whole house or whole room heat treatment that can’t kill a bug tomorrow when you can use the Bed Bugs all Gone method?  Our method lasts in the environment for over a year and is backed by a full, 15-month warranty!  Read more on this topic.

A Few Notes on Bed Bugs

  • When bed bugs find a “new home” they’ll immediately seek out a tight, dark, secluded area for its harborage.
  • Bed bugs feed by night (around midnight to 4am) then go back into hiding at daybreak. They may triple their weight in only 15 minutes.
  • Bed bugs feed every week or two, but they can go months and even 400 days without a blood meal, staying in that dark, secluded home they’ve created. They are exceptionally resilient.
  • Only 50% of the population have a reaction to bed bug “bites.” For those who don’t react, you may have an infestation and be completely unaware as the population grows unchecked.
  • Adult size bed bugs are as big as apple seeds and look like a tiny brownish-red insect.
  • New-born bed bugs are as small as the period at the end of a sentence. They are translucent and may have a reddish glow due to having had a blood meal.
  • Bed bug eggs are usually 1 mm small like a small grain of rice.

If you are dealing with bed bugs you will want to contact a professional bed bug extermination company, like Bed Bugs all Gone that can guide you through the mayhem of what we often call “bed bug hell.” While you wait for remediation if you have clutter, start de-cluttering, and clean up. Clutter does not make it more likely you’ll get bed bugs, and it does not preclude good, effective extermination. It does however make it much more difficult on the technicians and clean-up may save you any extra fees that could be incurred due to the clutter.

Things you must know about bed bugs:

  • These bugs can survive without feeding human blood for months. They are resilient exceptionally.
  • These insects plague areas of home and places we do not tend to use frequently. Thus many of us, ignore their presence blissfully.

Perhaps, you haven’t experienced bed bug bits at your home, and you really don’t care about that. You haven’t got those itchy bites. So, there is no need for panicking.

Though, bed bug inspection is essential to avert serious consequences. So, here are the signs that will help you detect bed bugs.

  • Adult size bugs are as big as apple seeds and look like a tiny brownish-red insect.
  • Nymphs are translucent that often have reddish glow due to blood meal.
  • Its eggs are usually, 1mm small and similar to rice grains.
  • These bugs can cause severe skin infection and rashes that’s why many people search for bed bug exterminator near me over Google, and other search engines frequently.

If you are dealing with them too, here are the ways you can take and get rid of them forever.

Some companies have provided smart bed bug detection monitors that traps bed bugs. These machines emit heat, CO2, and scent that these bugs attracted to. Under its influence, they tend to climb up the device and get trapped.

Another way is to de-clutter your home. Tough, bugs can appear in neat and clean homes. Thus, it is wise to take a professional’s help. If you are also typing bed bug exterminator near me over your phone and thinking about getting an expert’s assistance, you must get the care now.

The delay can make the situation worse at your place. Professionals ensure the most effective bed bug treatment in San Francisco Bay Area and help you get rid of them instantly through modern techniques and equipment. So, get assistance now.

At Bed Bugs All Gone, we provide elaborated K9 bed bug inspection and treatment for bed bug nymphs, eggs, and adult bed bugs for all kinds of residential and commercial buildings and apartments. We come by a more comprehensive approach to detect bed bugs to make it a potential option. Write us back to know more about it.