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Stay at Home During Service

No Prep

Our revolutionary, ecofriendly service requires no special preparation. In fact, it is best if you do nothing to try and get ready for our arrival unless you throw out clutter that needs to be thrown out or given away anyway. Don’t make your bed; don’t strip your bed; don’t move furniture; and don’t move out! If you leave the rooms as they usually are, it will help us advise you.

Stay Home

You don’t have to leave while the treatment is being done. We prefer you stay so the technicians can teach you how to avoid getting bed bugs in the future, even if you travel a lot. Education is important if we are to win the war with bed bugs. Our goal is to not only to solve your current problem, but also to arm you with knowledge to avoid future battles. If you are home schooling or working from home, you’ll be glad to know that our process is not noisy and has virtually no odor.

Day of Service

The day of service we will be bagging up all your linens on the beds and any clothes, strewn around the room. You will be asked to wash and dry what is dirty and simply dry what is clean. Wash according to fabric specifications and dry on medium heat for about 30 minutes or until washed clothes are dry. This will sterilize your bedding so your bed as an Island Fortress is 100% bed bug free when you go to bed that night, and you can sleep soundly.

Call (844) 416-4999 for this complete service.

Sleep Tight Tonight.