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Infestation Origins

Finding bed bugs in your home is a tremendous stressor. Aside from the painful or itchy “bites” and the disgust you may feel about the whole situation, it is something you probably want to address as soon as possible. To ensure effective bed bug remediation in your home, you need a professional program that out-lasts the bed bugs which can live 400 days without eating. They are elusive. If you do not use a professional, such as Bed Bugs all Gone, it will only be a matter of time before bed bugs reappear due to ineffective extermination methods. Do-it-yourself methods of remediating bed bugs generally do not work in the long run. You may think you have them under control, but in a couple of months, you may be thinking again!

After employing our eco-friendly treatment method or another company’s bed bug treatment option, you may finally find yourself asking “how did I get bed bugs in the first place?” There are so many ways to bring bed bugs into your home that it is mostly fruitless to ask yourself how or why. However, for those with a tenacious curiosity, we outline bed bugs’ main travel methods below.

Bed Bugs Can Hitch a Ride on Almost Anything

If you’ve recently stayed in a hotel, used public transportation or have been in a restaurant, school, theater, doctor’s office, etc., it is entirely possible that you encountered bed bugs. Many refer to the bugs as hitchhikers because they easily hitch a ride back to your home on your clothes, in your purse, or on your luggage!

They May Be Hiding in
Bargain Bins

You may have your own shopping habits to blame for introducing bed bugs into your environment. Those who love to visit thrift shops, secondhand stores, or yard and garage sales should be wary that their new finds may come with bed bugs. Watch what you pick up off the street; bed bugs are also known to attach to used furniture.

The Solution

For those wondering how they got bed bugs in the first place, we hope this has answered your question. While it may help you avoid bringing them into your home in the future, it’s important you select a bed bug treatment that will keep them at bay in the long run. You may not have control over how you were initially infested with bed bugs, but you can take control over the future of your environment. If your Bay Area/Central Valley home requires a safe, eco-friendly bed bug extermination treatment, contact the professionals at Bed Bugs all Gone. We guarantee our service for a year—bed bugs will not get back on your bed and cause those painful and itchy “bites.” During the service, we would love for you to stay with us. This way we can teach you the many ways to reduce the probability of having future problems with bed bugs. Education is a major part of what we do!

Since bed bugs can survive 400 days between meals, you need a treatment that lasts. That is exactly what you will get with Bed Bugs all Gone. You will be getting a long-term residual which will make your home resistant to bed bugs for over a year. By inoculating your home with this eco-friendly treatment, bed bugs won’t be able to live there.

If you have a spray, at a significant discount, every 18-24 months, you never have to worry about bed bugs again.

Sleep Tight Tonight.