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Unprecedented Warranty

Treatments by other companies often come with a 30-day warranty or sometimes nothing at all. When getting bed bug treatment, you need as much assurance as possible because bed bugs can live dormant for 14 months without feeding. When they emerge, you want effective protection and only Bed Bugs all Gone offers it. We are so confident in our low cost, eco-friendly treatment we back it up with a unique long-lasting 15-month warranty that bed bugs will not get back on your bed and bite you. If you have a bed bug problem on your bed after our service, just let us know and we will fix it.

After employing our eco-friendly treatment method or another company’s bed bug treatment option, you may finally find yourself asking “how did I get bed bugs in the first place?” There are so many ways to bring bed bugs into your home that it is mostly fruitless to ask yourself how or why. However, for those with a tenacious curiosity, we outline bed bugs’ main travel methods on this page.

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How It Works

The warranty kicks in if a bed bug “gets on your bed” which has been decontaminated, isolated, and encapsulated. During the first 30 days there is no charge for us to come back. If you need us back after 30 days, there is a small co-pay, unlike other companies that may charge you 100% all over again.

How It Works

The co-pay is only 10% of the original service price if all rooms and beds are serviced and it is a free-standing home or there are no adjoining residences. Additional co-payment amounts are applied when the Company’s “hands become tied.”

A. Plus 5% if all rooms in the residence are not serviced.
B. Plus 5% if residence has any adjoining walls, floors, or ceilings to any other residence.

Our experience is that 97% of our clients do not have us back during the 15-month long warranty.

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