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The Biology Matters

In order to win a battle, you must understand your adversary’s strengths, weaknesses, and habits. In pest control, bed bugs are the battle of this new century. Strategies and tactics of the past century, which most companies use today, are losing the war. Bed Bugs all Gone is championing a different, more complete solution that ends bug bites on the same day of service. Our solution lasts upwards of 2 years, so if you happen to re-infest your residence, the bed bugs will not be able to survive and proliferate. They will die within a fraction of a day every time they venture from hiding to get a meal.

Bed Bug Strengths

Bed bugs have plagued mankind since pre-historic times. They are mentioned in Greek and biblical literature. Bedbugs live on blood drawn from sleeping humans and bats. Bed bugs can last over a year without eating and sometimes eat triple their weight in one single 15 minute meal. Humans also keep their habitats at ideal temperatures for bedbugs to thrive. Bed bugs breed incredibly fast, going from egg to breeding adult in just 60 – 90 days and laying 200 – 300 eggs in a year. Counting her generations of off-spring, a single female can replicate over 1000 fold in just a year if food is available.

Bed bugs have rapidly become resistant to most of today’s best neurotoxic pesticides. The dried residual of these pesticides are only 1 – 10 % as effective as the initial spray. Getting lasting control, if just 1% of the bugs survive initially, is difficult. Further, most of these pesticides are a repellent. The pyrethroids used today cause the bedbugs to disperse more widely through your home. It is the female bedbug that spreads the infestation widely. This is because the breeding method of bedbugs is brutal. Numerous males attack one female, stabbing her directly in the abdomen to inject their sperm. Naturally this causes the female bedbug to flee while laying 2-4 eggs per day as she travels. The longer a colony builds up, the wider bedbugs disperse.

For 99% of Bed Bug all Gone clients, the bed bugs are gone at the end of 14 months or less. Bed bugs get 15 to 20% worse each year in the U.S. and around the world. Let’s look at the bed bug weakness and how Bed Bugs all Gone has used it to your advantage.

Bed Bug Weaknesses

Bed bugs have a waxy coating on their exo-skeleton and that is their downfall. It is there to keep them from dehydrating. Nano-science has provided us with a solution. Our Cimi-Shield, a soy/protein product, dissolves the bedbug’s waxy coating so it dehydrates and dies in just minutes to a few hours after they walk it. No resistance has been noted and it is not a repellent. Bed bugs never know what is hitting them. Our soy-base treatment stays effective for over a year. The Cimi-Shield soy product does not affect humans or pets, so it is classified as a GRAS material (Generally Regarded As Safe) for an EPA 25b exemption from registration. What we are basically doing is setting out a Virtual Minefield that kills bed bugs within a fraction of a day when they come in contact with it. We recommend you replenish the strength of this minefield once a year; the cost is just a fraction of the original service price.

Another bedbug weakness is that it only chooses to feed on your blood. By depriving the bedbug of this one food, they will die. We deprive them by isolating your bed as an Island Fortress that the bed bugs cannot get on to.

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