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Steve and Scott arrived on-time as planned. They were very friendly and professional. They explained the process in detail and addressed all of our concerns. There process made sense and was not harmful to our pets, and there was no grueling preparation required. They were very thorough and respectful of our home and belongings and put everything back in it’s place when they were done. If you have critter issues I would highly recommend giving them a call.

Erik Wilson

They were very nice and set up the inspection and the service within 5 days off the first call!

Zachary Rudd

Discovering bed bugs is an opportunity for a massive learning experience. When you talk to Mr. Coy, listen carefully. He has in-depth knowledge of the problem and how to solve it without the use of neuro-toxins being sprayed around your place. He provides a do-able strategy to eliminating these critters when they come out to do their nasty deeds. Stick to that plan and your problem will be solved. The earlier you detect the problem and act to solve it, the better. Without displacing anyone from their bed. What could be better?

Ted Loewenberg

These guys are great fast reliable and affordable. I highly recommend.

Mark Wright

We had Megan (the bed bug sniffing dog) come out and see why my newly pregnant wife was getting bit. We thought it was mosquitoes until magen found the hideous looking creatures. Steve& Scott came and treated our whole place. They turned over furniture and got in any place the bed bugs might be hiding. They were extremely fast in responding, thorough, and professional. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is unfortunate enough to pick up bed bugs. I’ll warn you… they are not not cheap. But they did a great job, and use non toxic chemicals, which was good for the baby. They also guarantee their work for a year. If they have to come out and spray again, they will at no additional cost. Steve had a plethora of knowledge and gave me a lot of tips and ideas moving forward. Thanks again BBAG!.

Salvatore Baglione

A valuable part of the service is all of the information and education we received. Knowing what to do the end this infestation really helped to calm my worries.

Richard Boyce

Great company and quick and super supportive! What a great relief and god send!.

Lauren Teixeira

Sleep Tight Tonight.