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A Word From our Founder

Hi. I’m Steve Coy. For over 20 years I looked for an effective bed bug solution when traditional neuro-toxicants, fumigation, heat, and cryogenics did not appear to be the answer for an ever-growing bed bug epidemic. Around the end of 2012, I heard about a new eco-friendly material that had just cleared its reviews by various governmental bodies such as the EPA. This material promised rapid, eco-friendly and long-lasting relief.

I purchased some right away and tested it on some of the most extreme bed bug infestations I could find. Wow! It worked beyond my best hopes. So, at the age of 67, I decided to sell my general pest control company and start a new bed bugs-only company where I grew up. Born in Palo Alto and raised in Los Altos, I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees at Stanford.

I work with Barbara Hartley, who not only runs the K-9 Inspection program but is also administrator for the company. Barbara’s graduate work took her to San Jose University in 1973. She followed up her schooling with two very engaging businesses, and now, Bed Bugs all Gone.

Barbara was trained to be a K-9 handler at Ironheart High Performance Dogs, LLC, one of the best K-9 detector centers in the United States. She then took additional training through K-9 Operations in Romulus, Michigan. Patrick Currey, a trainer, was himself trained in the highly structured, quality-controlled programs of the military and U.S. Customs. There are few training facilities that can compare to that level of instruction. Barbara was coached by Pat to become the best, most productive detection team she and her first K-9, Jaime, could be. She was also taught how to maintain the credibility of her dogs. Barbara passes this information on to our handlers for K9’s Becca, Jake, Lucah, and Megan. Our dog handlers, Vladimir Medrano and Johnny Guidel are very conscientious and thorough when doing K-9 inspections. All-around great guys, they bring a vast amount of energy and insight to their positions. Both Vladimir and Johnny are bilingual in Spanish.

Barbara, in turn, works with Kris-Ann Beals. Administrative Assistant. Kris-Ann is invaluable to operations along with being an expert in customer service. Got a problem? You now know who to call!

Several reasons why you should hire us for your pest control problems:

  • We offer up-front pricing with no surprises and a 15 month warranty on our work
  • Our treatment method is safe, 100% eco-friendly, effective, long-lasting, and affordable
  • We use a highly trained and qualified canine detector to sniff out bed bugs before they proliferate
  • Our exterminators in San Francisco/San Jose Bay Area and The Central Valley have treated over 1,000 residences and businesses
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When you hire Bed Bugs all Gone, you get fast and effective bed bug control service using state-of-the-art equipment. There’s a reason why our business has lasted for so long. It’s because we provide honest and proficient services in a timely manner and we treat all our customers with the respect and care that they are owed.

For more information about our bed bug service in the San Francisco/San Jose Bay Area and the Central Valley, call us today at (844) 416-4999.

Sleep Tight Tonight.