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One Service Stops the Bites

Since 2014, our Company has been exterminating bed bugs exclusively. We have experienced unprecedented success which usually stops bed bug bites on the first day of service using a special method along with a non-toxic spray, and then eradicates the bugs for years thereafter, without using harmful pesticides. This is because our revolutionary three step method adds some features that we feel have been left out of other methods. In fact, we started out asking ourselves “what are WE missing” and “what are THEY missing?” Then we filled in the gaps. We never stop asking that, especially in those few cases where we do not get control right away.

Here are the steps:



We decontaminate the beds by steaming or baking (heating) the frames to kill any bugs in them. We also put cloth encasements around the mattresses and box springs to trap any bugs in them so they will never bite you again. Then we spray all the bed parts with our material that kills bugs even if they can get on the bed. It is now a fortress.


We isolate the beds from the rest of the room with special isolators under every leg that prevents bugs from walking up on the bed. We also position the bed so that there is an air gap between it and any walls or furniture. Since bed bugs cannot jump or fly, they cannot gain access to the bed. Now it is an Island Fortress.

Island Fortress with a Virtual Minefield

We surround this Island Fortress with a Virtual Minefield of ten million particles per square foot of our special material on the rugs below the bed. This kills any bugs that approach the bed seeking a meal for well over a year which is why we can offer a 15-month warranty. In fact, experience seems to show us that our material can do this for many years. It is not a toxic pesticide, but rather a substance (esterase) which is an enzyme that dissolves through the bug’s waxy coating. In just a few hours after they walk over it, they lose all their moisture and die of heat stroke.

So, doesn’t everyone do this? Not at all! We are often hired after a client has had 3-6 treatments from another provider that failed to stop the bites because that provider had not decontaminated the bed frames with steam or dry heat or had not secured the mattresses and box springs inside bed bug resistant cloth encasements. Seldom have they used isolators under the legs of the bed and an air gap around the bed sufficient to prevent bed bug access. Often, they have not created a sufficient “minefield” that lasts and kills every bed bug that approaches the bed seeking a meal. In the case of heat treatments or gas fumigation, those cannot leave a residual behind to kill any bugs that were missed or introduced after their service ended.

Also, they usually have not educated the clients on the simple techniques of avoiding bed bug re-infestation. We insist on doing all these things or, frankly, we turn down the job! We always strive for success. If you would like to discuss the various extermination options, please call us. We will be glad to answer your questions.

The ”baking” referred to in step (1) goes much further than just decontaminating a bed frame. If one of your thoughts has been to throw out offending furniture, don’t! The “bake” is also used to decontaminate other infested furniture so there is rarely a reason to throw out your items.

For those of you interested, a special heat chamber is set up in your home which is sealed to prevent all bugs from escaping the heat as they may do with whole house heat treatments. The chamber temperature is raised to 140 degrees for three to four hours which will be lethal to the bed bugs. Then furnishings are sprayed with Cimi-Shield. This is called Selective Heating.

bedbug couple dog bed scaled

Sleep Tight Tonight.