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Cimi-shield has been proven by real-world testing. A demonstration was set up as part of the government’s filings during the product’s approval process. An infested apartment was treated with Cimi-Shield 15 months previously. Fresh bed bugs were released in this same apartment a year later after normal wear and tear. Researchers were assigned to follow one bed bug each. All the new bed bugs died within two to eight hours of exposure to the Cimi-Shield that remained in the carpet even after over a year’s vacuuming and human traffic.

The extermination solution, Cimi-Shield, contains food-grade soy protein. These polypeptide protein chains are arranged as an esterase. The protein is not a neurotoxin and works mechanically by dissolving the waxy coating on the bed bug’s exoskeleton. Then the waxy coating becomes porous, the bed bug loses its moisture and dies of dehydration within a fraction of a day.

Additional pros to a Cimi-Shield service:

It is not a repellant, meaning it does not force the bugs to adjoining rooms, apartments, or condos. Cimi-Shield has a long-lasting residual which is essential when dealing with bed bugs.

Bed bugs are not resistant to Cimi-Shield and are unlikely to ever become so. Cimi-Shield falls under the category of GRAS which stands for Generally Recognized as Safe. 25b is the section of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA,) which exempts these GRAS materials from being registered as pesticides. See the relevant parts of the EPA website. We have used this product on thousands of residences and have realized outstanding results. And by the way, if you do not have carpeting, we will put a rug under each bed.

Island Fortress

With Bed Bugs all Gone the Island Fortress is the other half of the equation for success.

An Island Fortress is a decontaminated and isolated bed with an air gap all the way around it. Bed bugs are now unable to get on your bed. Of course, you must do your part in maintaining the isolation by not putting things on the floor that touch the bed or the isolators.

We Bring It All Together

Bed bugs generally seek their meal in the middle of the night. They see your infrared

heat signature in the rooms and under doorways. These bugs will travel the length of a hallway, like a heat seeking missile to get to its victim. They will be undaunted in their efforts, but they will be defeated because of the Island Fortress. Having encountered the Virtual Minefield of Cimi-Shield they will go back into hiding before daylight and die. Our eco-friendly bed bug extermination program gives your home the highest level of bed bug resistance money can buy.

Sleep Tight Tonight.