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Are you getting frustrated by bed bugs in your home? Don’t Worry! There is a solution to your dilemma.

Bed bugs are small insects that search out sleeping people for a blood meal.  They hide immediately after sucking out someone’s blood and then stay in hiding for as long as 400 days without another meal. They search out tight, dark places where they can remain undisturbed. Detecting and handling bed bugs can be highly demanding but not impossible. It is quite hard and nearly impossible to get rid of a bed bug infestation on your own.

Points to Remember:

You should not use chemicals intended for use in the garden or for agriculture.

You should not use product that claim to be “handmade” or “custom made.”

Do not use products purchased with someone else’s license.

Treatments for Bed Bug Pest Control That May (or May Not) Give Temporary Relief:

Diatomaceous Earth:
There is wide-spread information on the internet to spread diatomaceous earth throughout the affected area. This does not control bed bugs and instead can be dangerous to your health. It is a lung irritant. Diatomaceous Earth is made up of large numbers of sharp silicate crystals i.e. phosphorous silicate, calcium silicate, magnesium silicate, etc. These are the bone matrix of sea creatures called diatoms and they will harm you.

If you have already spread DE use a broom and dustpan to clean up the bulk of it. Use a vacuum only at the end, for the last remnants. DE will clog the vacuum filters and many vacuums have been destroyed by it so the filters every 4-5 minutes.

Vacuum Treatment:
You may have heard of using the vacuum to get rid of bed bugs. The vacuuming process assists you in capturing some of the bed bugs but vacuuming in and of itself will not get rid of the bed bug infestation. It will not get the bugs in the walls or under the carpets. If you do vacuum, be sure to dispose of the vacuum bag in a plastic bag and tie it off completely. Place this plastic bag in a container outside of your home. You may want to test the vacuum for any remaining bugs and dispose of them to avoid spreading them.

Neurotoxic Insecticide Methods:
Toxic insecticides (generally neuro-toxic) are often repellant and have traditionally been used to kill bed bugs in the past. The problem is since it is a repellant, what does not hit the bug directly may spread the bugs farther afield as they run for cover. Our regulators do not want toxins to build up in the environment, so they insist on short “half-lives.” This renders those particles ineffective after 60-90 days. Remember, bed bugs can live for 400 days!  Also remember that what is neurotoxic to the bug is also neurotoxic to you.

Steam Method:
Steam treatment is a compelling answer for some situations, but not for most. This is excellent for killing bed bugs in your bed frame if it is not upholstered and has no drawers. If it has drawers, it is impossible to get to all the cracks and crevices unless you completely deconstruct the bed and even then, it may not work. Steam cannot get to bed bugs in the walls, under baseboards, in upholstered headboards, thick padded furniture, and the myriad of places in a home that bed bugs may hide. This method is hardly practical for ridding an entire room or home of bed bugs.

Dry Heat Method:
Dry heat may seem like it is just the trick! But as with insecticides, heat is a repellant and sends bed bugs all over the place seeking colder ground – cold water pipes, drafty window frames, sub-floors, between the outside wall and insulation. (The insulation actually protects the bed bugs from the heat.) Get the home too hot and it may destroy all kinds of home furnishings, including laminate floors and TV’s. Not hot enough? Bed bugs may survive.  A pest management professional is needed to attempt this program.

Alcohol has been touted as a way to deal with bed bugs. The wet solution will kill bed bugs on contact. A few seconds later, however, it dries and evaporates and has no residual effect even a few minutes later.

Essential Oils:
We do not know enough about essential oils as a bed bug treatment to comment. There are so many fragrances and combinations of oils being talked about that it is hard to know where to start. We have not found any hard scientific evidence as to the effectiveness of essential oils for long term remediation of the bug. Remember, the bugs can live 400 days between meals.  Word of mouth about using essential oils is “at first it seemed to work, but the bed bugs kept coming back.” You decide.

Smart Bed Bug Traps:
Sounds like just the thing! These traps will never, however, rid your home of a bed bug problem. The trap may allow you to catch a bed bug so it can be properly identified, but they do not assist in the actual remediation of all the bed bugs.

The IPM / Cimi-Shield Method:
Some professionals such as Bed Bugs all Gone have spearheaded a new and effective way to get rid of bed bugs for good, even when the bugs can hang around for 400 days in hiding. It is the most comprehensive method available today.

Cimi-Shield spray is used, which is not a neurotoxin but rather an enzyme which will cause bed bugs to die over the entire course of their life span. It will not harm you, your children, your pets, or your plants! It is a soy-based product (think Hamburger Helper or soy late,) that causes holes to develop in the waxy coating of the bed bug. The bugs dehydrate and die in 2-8 hours after walking over it.  It can last in your environment for many years killing bed bugs, but as said, it’s not harmful to you.

This method also uses 275-degree steam heat for immediate sanitization of bed frames. Dry heat may also be used for infested furniture and belongings, but only within a tightly enclosed containment where bed bugs cannot escape as they flee the lethal heat. This assures a 100% kill.

IPM measures include soft, cloth bed bug proof mattress and box spring encapsulations that prevent bed bugs from escaping and bothering you again.  Special isolators under the feet of the beds prevent bed bugs from gaining access to the beds from the floor. Your bed is pulled approximately 6 inches away from the wall on both sides and from any furniture, making it an “Island Fortress” which the bed bugs cannot penetrate. You sleep soundly on night one and if you keep your bed isolated, from there on after.


If you want to do bed bug control yourself, you may have a long row to hoe.

People who have dealt with bed bug infestations using other methods often complain that “they just keep coming back.” Bed Bugs all Gone, using the IPM / Cimi-Shield Method, has found the true answer. The bed bugs are banished, and the resistance lasts for years! For more information call (844) 416-4999.