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We Serve The Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and The Central Valley

Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Treatment & K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Services

Bed Bugs All Gone's Logo

We Serve The Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and The Central Valley
Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Treatment & K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Services

Concord Bed Bug Treatment Services

Bed Bugs all Gone provides bed bug treatment for Concord, CA, homes and the rest of the San Francisco area. Located off Interstate 680, Concord is one of the northernmost cities in the Tri-Valley Area.  It’s considered part of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, and residents have easy public transportation access to and from San Francisco.  Winds come off the Carquinez Strait and keep the average temperature of Concord just a little cooler than the town’s neighbors to the south. The moderate temperatures that residents enjoy are also enjoyed by the bed bugs, which plague most communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Bed bugs have become a growing menace to the residents of Concord, CA, although no one can be blamed for the increase in their presence.

It is an easy commute for Bed Bugs all Gone to service residents of Concord, CA.  Bed Bugs all Gone is a professional in the industry of exterminating bed bugs. Generally speaking, the residents of Concord are not successful in eliminating bed bugs altogether on their own.  They need a company like Bed Bugs all Gone, which specializes in treating bed bug infestations. Bed Bugs all Gone can quickly get to any area of Concord and uses totally non-toxic materials to kill the bed bugs and keep them from infesting the home again for as long as a year.

At Bed Bugs all Gone you will enjoy the best overall value.

  • We are able to respond rapidly to all bed bug extermination requests in Concord. Our hours of operation are 7AM-10PM, Monday to Saturday—and we work diligently to ensure you a timely return to your home!
  • There is virtually no preparation needed on your end prior to our scheduled bed bug treatment services.
  • We also pride ourselves on our low-toxicity, non-chemical bed bug treatments in Concord, CA.  We make use of something called Cimi-Shield, which is guaranteed to be 100% non toxic—so it doesn’t harm the environment, your family, or your pets. But it is exceptionally effective at dispatching bed bugs from your home.
  • Our prices are spelled out under the Best Value tab. We can quickly provide you with a quote over the phone after gathering a few clarifying details about the residence in question. Our upfront pricing and candor are what make us trusted bed bug exterminators in the Concord area.
  • Because Cimi-Shield is Non Toxic and “Generally Regarded As Safe” (GRAS) by the EPA, the concentrations we are able to use are strong enough to provide a year-long deterrent to any bed bugs that may have been in hiding and that were not immediately taken care of by the initial treatment. We offer a one-year warranty as a result.
  • We also have our own K-9 inspection team. Bed bugs hide by day, and the nose of our trained K-9, Megan, is sensitive enough to sniff out the presence of bed bugs, even when they’re not visibly present. This allows us to quickly identify where bed bugs are hiding and ensure they’re taken care of.

We are local and family owned. Our owner was born in Palo Alto and received his degrees at Stanford.  Our dog handler did her graduate work at Cal State San Jose. The owner is personally present at each service. Contact us today if you need trusted bed bug exterminators to help your Concord, CA, home.

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