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Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Treatment & K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Services

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We Serve The Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and The Central Valley
Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Treatment & K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Services

Antioch, CA

Bed bugs are no laughing matter—ask anyone in the California area that has had their home or apartment infested with bed bugs. You’ll hear horror stories about the lengths they went to rid themselves of this hearty pest. At Bed Bugs all Gone, we specialize in rapid-acting, non-toxic bed bug treatments that will actively kill bed bugs in your Antioch home for up to a year.

Antioch, CA is in the far East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area and Antioch is situated along the San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta. Antioch, CA is right on California State Route 4. If you are talking about the oldest towns in California, Antioch, CA is one of them.

Antioch, CA is home to 31 parks; Antioch has 7400 acres of parks and city-owned open space. The folks in Antioch enjoy 11 miles of walking paths. What’s not to like about that? They also enjoy the Contra Costa County Fairgrounds which are located in Antioch. There are considerable arts and cultural opportunities in Antioch, CA. Antioch has summer concerts on Saturday evenings and Antioch, CA hosts the Delta Blues Festival every year.

Antioch, CA’s Mediterranean climate borders on semi-arid. Antioch’s summers are hot and dry. Antioch’s winters are mild and wet. This is undoubtedly a perfect climate for bed bug proliferation and proliferate they do in Antioch, CA. You can pick bed bugs up at restaurants, movie theaters, and schools to name a few of the many places in Antioch you might get exposed. Bed bugs are known as hitchhikers; bed bugs hitch a ride into your Antioch, CA home either on your person or some belonging that you have with you. Like catching the flu, you never know from where you picked the bed bugs up. What you do know is that the bed bugs need extermination. Once you have brought bed bugs into your Antioch, CA home, bed bugs spread to where people sleep and lounge. If the infestation of bed bugs gets worse, bed bugs can hide in the walls and under rugs…..almost any imaginable place in the Antioch home that is close to its food source….you. Bed bugs can go a year between feedings; bed bugs hide out. This is why bed bugs are so difficult to eradicate.

In the early stages of a bed bug infestation, there may not be outward signs of bed bugs, but if you even have an inkling that your Antioch, CA home might have bed bugs, get it checked out by an expert. Bed Bugs all Gone is the leading bed bug exterminators servicing Antioch, CA. Extermination, remediation, and prevention of bed bugs are all they do. The owner of Bed Bugs all Gone has 30 years’ experience in the pest control industry, and now all he does is exterminate bed bugs using Cimi-Shield. Cimi-Shield is a high-tech, 100% non-toxic material that will kill bed bugs over the course of a year or longer. Whenever bed bugs come out of hiding, they die within two to eight hours of crossing the Cimi-Shield barrier that Bed Bugs all Gone puts down.  And if your home in Antioch should get re-infested during the course of the year, you are protected; Cimi-Shield is there exterminating bed bugs.  Bed Bugs all Gone is so confident in the results of their service that they will give you a one-year conditional warranty.

Choose Bed Bugs all Gone for your best value and results.

  • We respond rapidly to anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area and work long hours, six days a week to make sure you get the absolute best service—quickly, thoroughly, and safely.
  • Your family and pets are totally safe since our treatment is non-toxic. We use Cimi-Shield, guaranteed by the manufacturer to be 100% non-toxic and Generally Regarded As Safe” (GRAS) by the EPA. Its active ingredient is soybean oil, a natural substance that dissolves the bug’s waxy coating so bed bugs die from dehydration in just two to eight hours after exposure to Cimi-Shield.
  • You have to do little or no preparation before we come out thanks to the non-toxic nature of our bed bug treatment.
  • You get zero surprises since our fees are clearly noted (see the Best Value tab). In speaking with you by phone, we inform you that our fees vary depending on whether the property is vacant or occupied, unfurnished or furnished, and the level of infestation and clutter. We can give you a firm quote by phone.
  • Non-toxic Cimi-Shield treatment kills bed bugs for an entire year and comes with a standard one-year conditional warranty.
  • We offer K-9 inspections. Canines have a sense of smell that is over 10,000 times that of humans—it is truly incredible! Because bed bugs hide during the day, they’re notoriously hard to identify by eyesight alone. Luckily, a canine can sniff them out even when in hiding. This makes canines the fastest and most accurate method of identifying bed bugs in your home. Our dog, Megan, is specially trained and is faster and far more precise than any human inspection.

Bed Bugs all Gone is a family-owned business, local to Antioch-area and servicing all of the San Francisco bay area. Our founder was born in Palo Alto and received his degrees at Stanford, while our dog handler did her graduate work at San Jose State University.

Sleep tight tonight.

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