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We Serve The Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and The Central Valley

Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Treatment & K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Services

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We Serve The Greater San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and The Central Valley
Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Treatment & K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Services

Bed Bug Exterminators in Dublin, CA

Have you found bed bugs in your home, or are your fearful that they may be in your home? Our bed bug exterminators will ensure your Dublin home is pristine by the end of the scheduled day of service—and this is accomplished without using noxious chemicals!

Dublin, CA, is located at the crossroads of Interstates I-580 and I-680. The town is right in the hub of the Tri-Valley Area of the San Francisco Bay Area and is called “the Suburban City” of the East Bay. Incorporated in 1982, Dublin is the second-fastest-growing city in California.  Bay Area Rapid Transit reaches out to Dublin to give residents easy access to the city of San Francisco.

Dublin, CA, enjoys warmer temperatures than its neighbors to the west, which are closer to the Bay, but the temperatures are still considered very moderate for most of the year. This provides an environment where bed bugs can easily thrive. And where bed bugs thrive, bed bug extermination is needed. Not too hot most of the time and with air conditioning that resolves the heat problem; not too cold.  Bed bugs will proliferate easily in the homes and hotels of Dublin, CA—bed bug extermination is the only answer.

These bed bugs come into your home by hitchhiking on your person or belongings.  Bed bugs can be picked up almost anywhere, but they’re not known to live outside in nature, unless it’s in a bat cave. Once you have brought them into your home, the bed bugs set up shop where people sleep and lounge. If you have seen the telltale signs of their presence in your Dublin home, then bed bug extermination is the necessary next step. Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to eradicate because they can live an entire year without feeding on your blood. Bed bugs hide under rugs and in walls, but mostly they like to hide in beds and furniture in your home. Bed bug treatment is the only answer.

With over 30 years in the pest control industry, Bed Bugs all Gone focuses on remediating, preventing, and exterminating bed bug problems using a 100% non-toxic material called Cimi-Shield. Cimi-Shield will exterminate bed bugs for an entire year as they come out of hiding. That is how Bed Bugs all Gone is able to offer a one-year warranty on its bed bug treatment services in Dublin, CA.

At Bed Bugs all Gone you will enjoy the best overall value.

  • Rapid response times to all inquiries. We are open long hours, six days a week. We work hard to ensure you have a clean home to return by end of day.
  • There is no need to prepare prior to your scheduled Dublin bed bug treatment.
  • We make use of Cimi-Shield, a non-toxic treatment that is guaranteed to be 100% non-toxic as its primary active ingredient is soybean oil—safe for us, but deadly to bed bugs.
  • Our pricing is extremely upfront and available under the Affordable Rates tab. Give us a call, answer some clarifying questions about the affected residence and areas, and we can provide you with an accurate quote right away.
  • Due to Cimi-Shield being non-toxic and “Generally Regarded As Safe” (GRAS) by the EPA, we can use greater concentrations than you would with toxic treatments—this allows us to provide a one-year warranty.
  • Our trained K-9 inspection team can sniff out bugs that hide during the day. This makes a trained K-9 much faster and more adept at identifying bed bugs’ hiding places as humans have to rely on our sense of vision alone.

We are local and family owned. Our owner was born in Palo Alto and received his degrees at Stanford.  Our dog handler did her graduate work at San Jose State University.  The owner is personally present at each service. Schedule your Dublin bed bug treatment today.

Sleep tight tonight.

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