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Bedbugs are like mini-vampires that live almost exclusively on the blood of sleeping humans.  They don’t fly or jump, so they must walk onto the surface where the human is sleeping to get a meal.  Once there, they live in box springs, mattresses, pillows, headboards and bed frames to stay close to their food source.  Bedbugs might also establish themselves in the seams of couches or chairs, behind pictures and mirrors, in dressers, behind baseboards, and in many other imaginable places.  They hide by day and feed by night. 

This “Elimination and Prevention Program” will let you maintain customer loyalty, protect your reputation, build your image, avoid lawsuits, and preserve your furnishings.

Maintain Customer Loyalty and Protect Your Reputation
We all work hard to build and maintain client loyalty, but one bad bedbug experience can ruin all of this work.  Bad news travels worldwide in just seconds, now that cell phones have cameras and internet access.  The best defense is not to have bedbugs in the first place.  Here is a summary of how we help you do this.

  • We create a “Virtual Minefield” throughout the entire room.  We treat the floors, walls,   beds, bed frames, furniture, and bedspreads with billions of nano-particles of Cimi-Shield.  This material does not harm humans, but kills bedbugs within minutes of contact with the Cimi-Shield, by an enzyme-like action which dissolves the bug’s waxy protective coating. 

It remains effective for a year in case any new bedbugs are introduced to the room.  Neither you nor your guests can avoid accidental reintroduction of bedbugs.  We expect our “Virtual Minefield” to kill these bedbugs and keep them from multiplying for 12 months.

  • At the same time, we create an “Island Fortress” around each bedWe enclose all of your box springs, mattresses, and pillows in bedbug proof encapsulations.  This starves any existing bedbugs and prevents new ones from living there as well.  We then reassemble the bed frames and put isolators under the bed feet to hold it about three to four inches out from any walls.  This prevents new bedbugs any access to sleeping humans from either the floor or the walls.  We advise that you shorten bedspreads to at least three inches away from the floor as well, so bedbugs can’t crawl up them.  The key is to keep any bedbug from getting its blood meal from an unaware, sleeping human.

  •  We suggest K-9 bedbug inspection every three to four months, giving you a record of continuous monitoring.  The dog’s sense of smell is 200 times greater than that of humans so they can detect even a single living bedbug or viable eggs.  This shows your vigilance and builds a case that you are doing everything possible to protect your guests.

You are also protecting your furnishings.  With our system you won’t have to dispose of infested bed frames, mattresses, dressers, carpets, and other furnishings in the room.  With our system room furnishings will not become infested in the first place.  But if they are already infested, we can generally save them.  The system pays for itself by extending the life of your furnishings.

We can keep bedbugs from setting up housekeeping in your guest rooms, but no one can keep bedbugs from being introduced to a room by infested guests coming and going.

A Guest Has a Bedbug Complaint
We strongly advise you to have a customer relations program in place for instances when guests think their room may have bedbugs.  The protocol we suggest includes the following:

  • Avoid blame.  It is impossible to prove who is at fault and it is fruitless.
  • Find them another room ASAP.  No matter what you have to do, find them another room.
  • Have staff clean their luggage before moving it to another room.
  • If it appears bedbugs might be inside their luggage, offer to clean their clothes.
  • While one staff member is working with the guest, have another staff member contact us immediately.  We can help.  It may even be that you’ll want to treat the new room that the guest is moving to with Cimi-Shield, if it has never previously been treated.  That gives everyone protection.

If you wish, we will help you design and implement a bedbug customer relations program.  All of the above steps are far less expensive than the cost of client ill will, adverse publicity, and fending off a possible lawsuit.  Our program is pro-active and can inoculate you from lawsuits as well as bedbugs.

Avoiding Bedbug Lawsuits
The bedbug epidemic continues to grow at a rate of 15% to 25% each year as the old tactics of the last century (using multiple applications of neurotoxic pesticides) are failing to stem the tide.  Start using our new tactics that will work to control the bugs without toxicity.

Bedbug lawsuits elsewhere are increasing as are the damage demands. Tort lawyers are avidly watching each case to see which theories are being successful in the courts.  There may even be some “gold diggers” who think they can shake down an organization with “deep pockets.” 

As mentioned in the prior section, it is best not to have bedbugs in the first place.  Even then, however, you may have a guest who accidentally brings in a “hitchhiking” bedbug.  They’ll think it was in the room prior to their arrival and blame you.  Hopefully the Customer Relation Steps outlined earlier, will calm the situation, show that your heart is in the right place, and avoid a suit. 

If the incident does escalate into a law suit, the guest’s lawyer may start to suggest all kinds of ideas for them to increase the potential damages award.  The attorney will probably also tell them that they can either front a large retainer, or he will take the case on contingency for 40% of the settlement plus expenses, with the understanding that he must win to get paid.  With this last scenario, many decide to pursue it because the guest feels he has nothing to lose.  Then the bad publicity begins and so do your defense costs.

On the other hand, if you have been pro-active about bedbug control and have kept good records of this, your defense can be so good that the opposing attorney either refuses to take the case or soon thereafter drops the case when he sees the strength your defense builds during interrogatories and depositions.

Here is a thumbnail of that defense:

  •  You are pro-active about bedbug control and have kept good records of room treatment and follow-up inspections.
  • If there was a bedbug, most likely it was imported by the guest suing you.
  • The guest may have picked up a bedbug or viable eggs at any one of the following places:
  • The guest’s own home or car may have a minor, unknown infestation brought in by any occupant or visitor in prior months.
  • If the guest’s trip to your location included air travel, they and their luggage may have been exposed to hitchhiking bedbugs in numerous public places.
  • The shuttle to the airport
  • The shuttle from the parking lot to the terminal
  • The curb skycap’s gondola
  • The baggage sorting equipment in the airport
  • The tram that takes the luggage to the plane’s cargo hold and back again to the terminal
  • The baggage compartment
  • The seats on the airplane
  • The overhead baggage compartments
  • The transportation to your lodging site (cab, limo, rental car)
  • Other lodging sites they may have stayed at prior to arriving at yours.
  • Almost any public place they’ve been during their trip


Compared to your facility, none of those places listed above is as routinely cleaned, inspected, or ever treated with a material that has a 12 month residual effect.  None of them has a log showing regular treatment dates and inspection dates.  Nor do they have a log of any prior bedbug incidents along with their resolution.

If the guest alleges that the infestation was not noticed until returning home, then double the number of locations he may have picked up bedbugs.  In short, we make it likely that any jury will have a difficult time finding a preponderance of evidence that point to you, especially if all of the other possible places weren’t listed as additional defendants.

More importantly, you will be able to know that the fault is not with you.


At Bed Bugs all Gone you will enjoy the best overall value and results.

  • - We respond rapidly to anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area and work long hours, six days a week to make sure you get the absolute best service…quickly, thoroughly and safely.

  • - Your family and pets are totally safe since our treatment is non-toxic.  We use Cimi-Shield, guaranteed by the manufacturer to be 100% non-toxic and “Generally Regarded As Safe” (GRAS) by the EPA.  Its active ingredient is soybean oil, a natural substance which dissolves the bug’s waxy coating so bed bugs die from dehydration in just two to eight hours after exposure to Cimi-Shield.

  • - You have to do little or no preparation before we come out.

  • - You get zero surprises since our fees are clearly noted (see the Best Value).  In speaking with you by phone, we inform you that our fees vary depending on whether the property is vacant or occupied; unfurnished or furnished; and/or the level of infestation and clutter. We can give you a firm quote by phone 510-886-1236

  • - Non-toxic Cimi-Shield treatment kills bed bugs for an entire year and comes with a standard one year conditional warranty.

    - We offer K-9 inspections.  K-9’s have over 1,000 times the scenting ability of humans; it is incredible!  Dogs are far more accurate in finding bed bugs than a human doing a physical inspection since bed bugs hide during the day.  Our dog, Megan, is specially trained and is faster and far more precise than any human inspection.

  • - We are local and family owned.  Our owner was born in Palo Alto and received his degrees at Stanford.  Our dog handler did her graduate work at San Jose State University.